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ELIE WIESEL, MY MAN FOR ALL SEASON - essay by Inna Rogatchi

Posted 1/8/2017

Special essay by Inna Rogatchi, the thoughts on the first anniversary of Elie Wiesel's passing

ELIE WIESEL, MY MAN FOR ALL SEASONS - special essay by Inna Rogatchi with the thoughts on the first anniversary of Elie Wiesel's passing has been published by the leading publications of Israel and USA.

Elie Wiesel. (C) NYS Blog. Elie Wiesel. (C) NYS Blog.


The essay has been published originally by the Israel National News, and was re-printed by The Jewish Voice ( New York) and The JerUSAlem Connection Report ( Washington, DC).


The essay had been highly praised by many leading historians, writers, diplomats and politicans,  including the Elie Wiesel's son Elisha, famous historian Andrew Roberts, well-known diplomat, former Ambassador of Mexico to UNESCO Andres Romero, renown French philosopher, close colleague of Elie Wiesel Michael de Saint-Cheron, leading European politician from the Netherlands Bastiaan Belder, and many others.   


The essay can be read here.

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