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Posted 2/4/2017


MELODIES OF LOVE is Michael Rogatchi's series on love and musci created by the artist in 2017, with addition of one work created in 2013. 

The presentation of the Melodies of Love series includes the images, the artist's insights on his works, and the art context of the works' origin, exhibition, and provenance. 





Melodies of Love  is series of five oil paintings of the same size created by Michael Rogatchi in 2017 ( with an exception of one painting created in 2013).


The artist’s idea was to create modern, dynamic and engaging art works in which he addresses two universal themes: love and music, in their inter-weave. In this series, the artist’s aspiration, in his own words, was ‘to sing and play love as a musical melody, and at the same time, to speak on music with love’.   


Michael Rogatchi has provided his artistic insights into his new works.


  1. ETUDE IN PURPLE. Oil on canvas. 80 x 60 cm. 2017.

The work is reflecting on jazz music and jazz musicians. Michael Rogatchi is returning to the theme of jazz in his work regularly. Among his well-known works on jazz theme is oil painting From Nowhere to Nowhere ( 1994), several works in mixed media on cotton paper, such as Swinging In the Night. Homage to Ennio Morricone ( private collection, Italy); Night Blues IV ( notable private collection, USA), or Tuned-In ( private collection, Finland ) from the Libertango series.

Etude in Purple  (2017) has become the further artistic development of the Michael Rogatchi’s iconic work devoted to jazz, White Blues ( notable private collection, Austria).

In the words of the artist, “ this work tells about a musician’s self-search, about the inner life and metamorphoses of a jazz-man when he lives in the world of the music which he creates at the very moment of him playing a theme’. That’s why all elements of this painting are as if originating the one from other. “The musician’s shoulder is becoming his sax, the hands of the musician are as if multiplying, as well as he himself is existing in several worlds which are created by the music which he plays himself” – says the artist.  

In this work Michael Rogatchi wanted to show the inner world of very music itself, and also the rich spectrum of feelings that is experienced by the person who plays it, especially while playing jazz. The small figure in the centre of the painting symbolises a flight; the flight of music. “For me, this small figure symbolises the very breath of music”, - Michael Rogatchi tells on this painting.



2.BLACK TROMBONE VARIATIONS V. Oil on canvas. 60 x 80 cm. 2017.

The theme of Black Trombone is dear to the artist and is occupying a particular place in his body of work. Black Trombone is the one of the gems of Serge Gainsbourg. The artist always felt close to Gainsbourg and his songs and music, and Black Trombone is the one of Michael’s favourite songs of the French singer and composer.

The artist painted the theme of Black Trombone in many of his works, never repeating himself. Among those works, large oil canvas ‘C’est fini...’. Black Trombone. Homage to Serge Gainsbourg ( 2010)  is the one of most critically acclaimed works of the artist. Several other works, mostly in the mixed media on the cotton paper, belongs to notable private collections in Italy, Lithuania and France. 

In the words of the artist, “this work shows how a musician’s thought is working while he is performing. Many of musicians are playing with their eyes closed, like David Krakauer or Wynton Marsalis, for example; they are concentrating this way. When they are opening and re-opening their eyes, during the play, momentarily, their vision is partial, and they see just some parts of their own instruments, before proceeding back with their feelings and thoughts while playing, being driven by the music which they are creating themselves at any given moment.

I also wanted to show in this work the process in which a musical passage gets ‘fragmented’, following a musician’s thoughts on the piece which he is living through while he is playing it”.

This fragmentation is achieved on the canvas by the sharp white verticals dividing the painting. The figure in the centre, quite different in the technique in comparison with two other parts of the work, gentle and aerial, portrays the emotions of the musician who can be very expressive in his performance while staying gentle and fine inside, in his inner world. 


3. REGRESO AL AMOR. AFTER PIAZZOLLA. Oil on canvas. 80 x 60 cm. 2017.

The work continues Michael’s tradition and his attention to Astor Piazzolla, the one of his favourite modern composers and musical thinkers.  In Michael’s understanding, Piazzolla’s contribution in our understanding of music today is instrumental.

The artist is well-known for his Libertango. After Piazzolla series, the works has been successfully exhibited in Europe, including solo exhibition of Libertango in Lithuania in 2015 as the part of the official cultural program of the Cultural Capital of Europe international art festival.  Many works of the series belongs to notable European and American private collections.

This work is the first Michael’s oil painting on the themes inspired by Piazzolla.

According to the artist, “This is the story of two people in love who never were together and never will be. What a viewer is seeing on the canvas it is their both’ memories on the moment when their love was born; the moment which has become very dear for both of them for the rest of their lives. The musician in the centre is the man in this couple at the moment of their meeting, the young musician as he was, playing their song, the song of that moment. Both of them are remembering each other, as their lives are going on, and they seem to do it until the rest of their lives, respectively”.    

In the artist’s understanding, the painting is as if telling the story which could be heard in the one of the most beautiful and most complex Piazzolla’s compositions, Regreso Al Amor.  


4. UN TOCCO. AFTER GEMIANI. Oil on canvas. 80 x 60 cm. 2017.

Michael Rogatchi is internationally known for vast body of his romantic works reflecting music. His well-known Divertimento series (2015) is devoted to the classic music entirely, and in the internationally acclaimed Rogatchi’s Blues collection, the romantic works are having a prominent, leading role. The work Un Tocco ( A Touch). After Gemiani is the further development of this line of the expressive, original works. It comes as a modern version of the Michael’s classic Vivaldi  painting ( 1996), and it has much in common with his highly appreciated Concerto For Cello and Violin  diptych ( 2011) and his well-known Duetto work ( 2013) which belong to the permanent collection of the New York Jewish Children’s Museum.

In the artist’s words, “this work is a love story. The piece of ultramarine in its middle symbolises the magnet of love. The two musicians are as if talking in between themselves by the mean of their music. They are playing their love, each one in the pair toward the other. They are speaking love by playing. Their music is both ‘a tool’ and ‘a product’ of their love, the way of its expression”.

This work is characterised by its massive lightness, very fine features, and it is delicate and inspiring at the same time.    


5. DIVERTIMENTO II. Oil on canvas. 90 x 60 cm. 2013.

This poetic work is the one from the Michael Rogatchi’s Mozartiana collection. In mid 1990s, the artist has created his original image of Mozart, his favourite composer, sitting by his back to viewers and absorbed in the cosmos of his music. At once, the image has been noted by art critics and specialists, and it has been praised highly. During the twenty years period since conceiving of that unique image of the Amadeus, Michael has created substantial and very impressive Mozartiana collection of works in different techniques portraying this Amadeus variably. Some works of this collection has become world famous, such as Amadeus. Star Rain ( 2010), some others are in notable art collections in the UK, Italy, Austria, France and USA. A bigger and darker in its colouristic version of the work, Divertimento I ( 2013) belongs to the permanent collection of the New York Jewish Children’s Museum.   



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