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Michael Rogatchi Invited to the International Art Event in Lithuania

Posted 31/7/2015

July 2015

Michael Rogatchi Invited to the International Art Event in Lithuania

Michael Rogatchi has been invited to participate at a big international event in Lithuania, the International Days of Jewish Culture in Zagare, in September 2015. In the current year of 2015, Zagare has become the Culture Capital of Lithuania, and the organising committee of this special program has been busy with many interesting cultural events.

In September 2015, the cultural capital of Lithuania will celebrate various aspects of Jewish culture, coinciding with the European Day of Jewish Culture celebrated in all EU member states.

Michael Rogatchi. Libertango. Edition 2015

Zagare has a special connotation in Jewish history. The place was predominantly Jewish, with many leading cultural and scientific figures originating from there, such as the Mandelshtam and Kikoin families, and the writer Nadine Gordimer.

During the Second World War, the entire Jewish population of Zagare was exterminated. To bring the International Days of Jewish Culture to this very place is quite meaningful, from both organisers and participants' points of view.

Michael Rogatchi will show the new edition of his famed Libertango series prints - Libertango. Edition 2015.


July 2015

Commemorative Film Series in Israel

The Lessons of Survival, Inna Rogatchi's film on Simon Wiesenthal, will be shown in Israel as a Commemorative Film Series to mark the 10th anniversary of Simon Wiesenthal's passing.

Poster for the internationally praised film shown at the Cinematheques of Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv and Haifa in early October 2015

The internationally praised film will be shown at the Cinematheques of Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv and Haifa in early October 2015. Inna Rogatchi has been invited to participated in the screenings of her film and to give lectures at the events.

Simon Wiesnthal and his wife Cyla both are burried in Israel where the family of their sole daughter Paulinka lives along with her husband Gerard Kreisbergs with their children and grandchildren.

In commemoration of the 10th anniversary of Simon Wiesenthal's passing, the Simon Wiesenthal Path will be inaugurated at the Martyrs's Forest at the Judea Hills. The Path has been planted by the Israel National Fundand is sponsored by the Wiesenhal famiy.

Some additional commemorative events with the participation of Inna an Michael Rogatchi and The Rogatchi Foundation are expected in Israel in October 2015 within the framework of the commemorative events marking the 10th anniversary of the passing of the legendary Nazi hunter whose legacy lives on and is more real today than ever.


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