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Posted 4/9/2017




The Rogatchi Foundation donate Forefathers series of art works to the Helsinki Jewish Community and Sara home for elderly


September 4,  2017


Approaching the Jewish High Holidays, the special time for charity, The Rogatchi Foundation is pleased to announce the donation of ten museum-quality art replicas of the famous Michael Rogatchi’s Forefather series to the Helsinki Jewish Community and Sara home for elderly.

 Michael Rogatchi in his studio. (C) The Rogatchi Archive. Michael Rogatchi in his studio. (C) The Rogatchi Archive.

The art works of the donation are grouped into two parts: five works portraying the Jewish Patriarchs and heroes ( Abraham and Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Aaron and Samson) are meant to adore the premises of the Club of the Helsinki Jewish Community, while the works portraying the Matriarchs and heroines ( Sarah, Rebecca, Leah, Rachel and Miriam) would be going to the Sara home for elderly.


‘The Michael Rogatchi’s original Forefather series composed of The Patriarchs and The Matriarchs works is unique artistic undertake in history of art,’ according to the project’s curator professor Julia Weiner ( London). In the words of the laureate of the Jewish Educational Award, eminent Rabbi Shmuel Kaminezki,”Michael Rogatchi shares with us not only his immense talent, but also the very essence of his warm, ebullient Jewish soul. In his stunning Patriarchs and Matriarchs, he makes us to look as if into very Jewish soul itself”.  


The Forefathers had been created by the artist between 1995 and 2010 and has been exhibited internationally widely, including Israel, Finland, the United Kingdom, Italy, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and many other countries. The series is featured in the Melody of Light: Life and Art of Inna and Michael Rogatchi film ( USA, 2013) produced and broadcast with a big success by the JLTV,  and later on by the Danish TV.


The series is a subject of The Silver Thread, a Life-Rope art documentary which is in the process of making. It also is featured in The Rogatchi Foundation special art & educational project The Images of the Torah which is planned to be completed in 2018-2019.  

Michael Rogatchi(C). Akedah. Abraham and Isaac. 2001.Michael Rogatchi(C). Akedah. Abraham and Isaac. 2001.


Michael Rogatchi says with regard to the donation: “The art work only if it speaks to and with people, if it enlightens their life, provokes their thought. It works if it makes the premises of life, in a broader term, charged with the additional, art-created dimension. From that point of view, I am very glad to be able to contribute into the daily life of our friends from the Helsinki Jewish community by the presence in their premises of my art works which had been made by reflecting on the core of the Jewish values”.


Inna Rogatchi adds: “We are very glad to be able to contribute to both young and elderly, to bring some of our art to the places of gathering of children and youth, and to the home of elderly in Helsinki. Donating to the both places at the same time aims to achieve certain harmony which is essential principle of life. The meaning of this harmony is renewed every year at the time preceding the Jewish High Holidays. We are very glad to provide these beautiful works of art to the places where they will ‘do a good work’ and will do it for years to come”.


The artist Michael Rogatchi and his wife writer and film-maker Inna Rogatchi, co-founders of The Rogatchi Foundation will be handing their art donation to the chairman of the Helsinki Jewish Community Yaron Nadbornik and his colleagues in Helsinki on September 13th, 2017, a week before the Jewish High Holidays of the New Jewish Year 5778..


They are making this donation in the name and in memory of their both families, Reiss-Litowsky-Rogatchi and Chigrinsky-Elovich-Bujanover.

Michael Rogatchi (C). Miriam. 2009. Forefathers series.Michael Rogatchi (C). Miriam. 2009. Forefathers series.







The Rogatchi Foundation is glad to receive warm gratitude from our friends and colleagues from the Helsinki Jewish Community over the donation. We hope that the art works will be bringing special atmosphere and joy to the both Jewish institutions in the Finland’s capital for which they were selected with care and love.    

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