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"Compelling Documentary on Nazi Hunter Simon Wiesenthal" - New Review at IMDb

Posted 24/3/2015

March 2015

"Compelling Documentary on Nazi Hunter Simon Wiesenthal" - new review at IMDb

A new review on Inna Rogatchi's film The Lessons of Survival has been published at the world's largest leading film industry database, IMDb:

A review on Inna Rogatchi's film at IMDb

A review by the internationally acclaimed film critic Peter Krausz, formerly the chairman of the Film Critics Association of Australia, member of many FIPRESSI juries at international festivals, and acting consultant to several international film festivals has also provided a high rating for Inna's film - 9 stars out of a maximum of 10 stars in the IMDb rating system.

Film critic Peter Krausz

Film critic Peter Krausz

In his review, Peter Krausz has pointed out: "The film's power lies in the conversations and the way they are organized to enhance their power. The film is a welcome and valued addition to the Shoah, and serves as an important record for generations to come. Highly Recommended".

The full text of the review can be read here:


The review of the film by leading Australian film critic Peter Krausz, former chairman of the Australian Film Critics Association, can be read here:

The Lessons of Survival: Conversations with Simon Wiesenthal

The organisers of the Holocaust Film Series thanked Inna Rogatchi for her presence at the Festival and her active participation in the Australian national premiere of The Lessons of Survival, and has invited her with her new works to the Jewish International Film Festival, the second largest in the world after the San-Francisco Festival, again.

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